We're moving!

We have joined forces with Dorothea Coffee and will be taking on the name!  

Logbook Coffee has been co-roasting with Dorothea since we started.  Conor, our new business partner, was the original owner/operator of Dorothea. He has been roasting Logbook Coffee for the last 6 months so the coffee won’t change.

What will change is the packaging and the website and if you have a subscription you’ll want to move it over to Dorothea Coffee.

We are super excited about this move and can’t wait to see what we can do together. We are currently rolling out a rebrand that brings together our shared vision and begins to reimagine this new iteration of the company (and don’t worry, we are keeping the turtle).

We will keep Logbook Coffee’s website going until the end of the year and then we will redirect all traffic to dorotheacoffee.com.

Thank you for supporting our tiny little operation. The new operation is a little larger than tiny and is going to be awesome! Questions welcome.

Also, please checkout the Dorothea Coffee instagram.